The well-known brand names of Villager, Aarrow and Stratford have all stood the test of time and are now united under the Arada name. The range offers timeless classic styles, more contemporary models and hardworking heating (boiler) stoves


  • Freestanding and inset models.
  • Choice of boiler or roomheater only models.
  • Single or double doors in the Villager range.
  • Some colours available.

Our Top Picks

Stratford Eco Boiler HE

The Stratford Ecoboiler stoves are proven performers. Providing more than just superior performance, the Ecoboiler HE (high efficiency) has a large fire door glass and soft curved lines, offering an attractive focal point for any living area.

The Chelsea Solo

A dependable favourite amongst the Villager range. The Chelsea Solo, with its clean, simple design, large fire viewing window offers a hardy companion on a cold winters’ night. The tastefully chunky controls offer total ease of use whilst the curved-edge fire viewing windows and exposed door hinges add rural charm.

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