The Danish company, Morso, has a long history of manufacturing heating equipment, and has led the way in both new designs and efficiency.  Their range is extensive and is comprised of stoves to cover a variety of needs and tastes.


  • Choice of radiant or convection stoves
  • Quality of build
  • Inset and contemporary models available, as well as more traditional
  • 99% of the cast iron in a Morso cast iron stove comes from scrap which has been re-smelted

Our Top Picks


The Morso Squirrel has long been a favourite – this sturdy little stove just goes on and on and on! The 1412 model is DEFRA approved for smokeless zones.

7900 Series

The contemporary styling of the woodburning 7900 series is spectacular. This cast iron stove is also DEFRA approved.

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